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The Boat Inventory

Your boat will be supplied with a full cruising inventory to avoid you having to bring anything other than your own personal items with you when you holidays on the boat. Alvechurch will also be able to provide bedding and towels (at a small cost) if you want to make it even easier.

When you unpack you'll find we have anticipated your storage needs, with plenty of wardrobes and drawer space on board, but it's when you start to live on board that our boats come into their own.

Central heating, running hot and cold water to the shower, basin and sink . Flushing toilets (2 toilets showers and basins on the Falcon Class boats of course). Full cooking facilities, moicrowave and fridge, TV, DVD player, radio/CD, traditional style stove and an inventory of equipment that seems never ending.

The following is a typical inventory supplied with our boats:

Ash Trays
Baking Tray
Basins - large
Basins - small
Bath Mat
Television Set
Bread Bin
Chopping Board
Bread Knife
Bucket and Cloth
Butter Dish
Carving Knife & Fork
Carving dish
Casseroles - large
Casseroles - small
Cooks Knives - large
Cooks Knives - small
Cork Screw
Deck Mop
Dish Drainer
Dustpan and Brush
Egg Cups
First Aid Kit

Forks - large
Forks - small
Fruit Basket
Frying Pan
Glasses - medium
Glasses - small
Knives - large
Knives - small
Milk Jug
Milk Pan
Oven Glove
Padlock and Key
Pedal Bin
Pie Plates - large
Pie Plates - small
Plates - dinner
Plates - soup
Plates - tea
Potato Peeler
Pyrex Jugs - large
Pyrex Jugs - small
Roasting Tin
Saucepans - large
Saucepans - medium
Saucepans - small

Boarding Plank
Boat Hook
Boat Shaft - long
Life Belt
Lump Hammers
Mooring Stakes
Side Fenders
Waterhose and Connector

Tea Tray
Teapot and StrainerTin Opener
Toilet Brush
Tool Kit
Tooth Mug
Vacuum Cleaner
Washing Up Bowl and Brush
Waste Bin
Water Jug
Wooden Spoon
Sponge Mop
Spoons - dessert/soup
Spoons - table
Spoons - tea
Sugar Basin
Tea and Sugar Caddie
Coffee maker