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What is Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership is a simple concept that allows you to buy part of a boat, which you can use for a fraction of the cost of owning a whole boat. You purchase just the part of the boat amounting to the weeks you want, and only have to pay the upkeep (maintenance fee) for the part you own. With our ownership you are free to enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that someone else will manage and help run the boat all the year round. Like any other property you own you can invite friends and families to join you, sell it, give it away or bequeath it to your heirs (subject to the terms of ownership), so for a small investment you have a share in your own boat for years to come.

Own your share of a high quality Alvechurch built narrowboat
Twelve and a half 4-week shares of a boat will be made available for sale (Up to two shares can be purchased by one owner). Owners are purchasing their share of a specific boat for the lifetime of the vessel. The owners will be involved in decisions regarding the ongoing upkeep of the boat as a consortium.

Allocation of weeks
Weeks will be allocated so that every 8% share holder will get a week in each season. From these allocations, all owners can arrange ‘swaps’ for preferred weeks if they so wish.

Two winter weeks are retained for maintenance.

The part Deckshare plays
Deckshare will introduce you, at no cost to you, to ABC Boat Management who will handle everything from the formation of the syndicate through the sale of share to the management of the boat.

The boat will initially be operated from one of 8 Alvechurch locations and the syndicate will decide where it will be operated from each year.

The part Alvechurch plays
To ensure quality of boat and boating experience, we have teamed up with Alvechurch Boat Centres the leading narrowboat builder and hire company to build and maintain the boats to the highest standards. Alvechurch have over 35 years experience of building and operating boats, with an enviable reputation for quality and customer care. (Alvechurch).

We are committed to giving owners the very best in boating holiday experience, choice, quality and flexibility.

Shared boat ownership could not be easier. To find out more, why not contact us and one of our team who will be happy to provide a more detailed explanation about shared ownership and answer any questions you might have.  

As the boat owner the choice is yours.