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Why Alvechurch?


Why will Alvechurch, part of ABC leisure Group, build and support the boats? The first impression when you step on board an Alvechurch boat is one of space and light. For people who have not been on a boat before, or have been on boats other than Alvechurch, the luxury  interior comes as a surprise. In fact, a succession of pleasant surprises.

 Alvechurch have been building high quality narrowboats for over 30 years. These boats have been designed and refined to meet the demands and requirements of many different customers.

 It is this knowledge and experience that helps provide a beautiful boat that will give many years of pleasure to the owners.

Alvechurch build their own steel shells before completing all aspects of the boat fitting with their own craftsmen using only the highest quality materials. You can therefore be confident in the quality of the specially designed luxury narrowboats.

The boats are fitted out with everything you need to live on board. You will find plenty of storage space, central heating, hot and cold running water to the shower and sinks, flushing toilets, hair dryer and even a vacuum cleaner. All boats come complete with a full kitchen inventory including a cooker,  refrigerator, microwave oven, electric toaster, filter coffee machine, and a 240 volt electricity supply from a modern inverter / battery management system.

Alvechurch have 8 different start locations with a shop, chandlery and full marina & boat servicing facilities. They can also provide owners with advice on cruising and routes, laundry and a cleaning service (at a small additional charge) and a 24 hour emergency helpline for any unforeseen situations.

In fact they can provide the full package making owning your own boat as easy as hiring one but at a fraction of the cost.

Alvechurch boats are a luxurious way to enjoy a boating holiday, which is why we have chosen Alvechurch to build and operate our boats.

Alvechurch are full members of The British Marine Federation and Canal Boat Builders Association and uses their standard terms of business and construction agreements.